How to make the most of your makeup appointment

Everyone knows the saying “The customer is always right.” But not many people seem to know that this is false. After working in the cosmetics industry for as long as I have, and especially from the time I have spent in the retail side of it, I want to be your Fairy Godmother of sorts. I want to help you help the person that is helping you help you. Got it?

Here are a few things that you should know, be aware of, or do in order to make your makeup appointment go more smoothly, and ensure that you get the best possible service that your makeup artist can give.

1. First and foremost, the Cardinal Rule of getting your makeup done: DO NOT come in wearing a face full of makeup. Time and time again my soul has been unceremoniously ripped to shreds by a client that is on a time-crunch because her blowout took too long, as she saunters in wearing Kim K amounts of foundation and mascara so waterproof that Hurricane Katrina couldn’t get it off. I understand that you don’t want to be seen without makeup. However, you will be shooting yourself in the foot (and your makeup artist in the heart) if you do this. So please, I beg of you all. Stop the insanity.

2. This is very much a service that we are providing for you, so please work out the details of payment BEFORE you have your appointment. If you are contracting out to an artist, ask them what the fee is, what forms of payment they accept, and bring a little extra for a tip if you are satisfied with the work. If you are going to a retailer that hires makeup artists, ask if there is a fee, if that fee is redeemable in product, and still, bring a little extra for a tip if you are satisfied with the work.

3. Please arrive on time. If for some reason you are stuck in traffic, or your hair appointment took longer than expected, etc etc., please call and let the artist know so that they can make any arrangements that they need to. Our time is valuable, as is the time of our other clients, and we want to ensure that everyone gets the attention and skill that they deserve. No one wants to be known as the punctually deficient client. Inside secret: the cosmetics world is very small, and we all talk.

4. I always say that the two things that make your makeup look professional are blending and the weird faces you make to apply things properly. This being said, your makeup application is a team effort to which both you and your artist are going to have to contribute. So when we need you to look up for eyeliner or down for mascara, this means that you will need to stop texting all of your BFFs. One of the biggest hinderances to cosmetics efficiency is clients looking at their phones and texting during a makeup application. So please be kind, and do the texting before and after you are in the chair.

5. On the topic of team effort, work with your makeup artist to create the CUSTOM (meaning, meant for your face) look that you envision and your artist executes. If there are inspiration pictures that you are in love with, or there is a certain celebrity that you always gush over, feel free to share those. However, be realistic as well. If you have hooded lids, an Adele-esque cat eye is probably not going to be the best look on you. If you want that J Glo, but you are paler than the blue corn moon, there is going to have to be a compromise somewhere in there. So don't go in expecting a miracle. Expect to leave the chair looking like the best version of yourself, not a second-tier copy of someone else.

I hope this list helps you help the person that is helping you help you, and I can guarantee that if you implement these, you will have not only an amazing experience, but the makeup artist will certainly remember you as the type of client that they love and they will actually mean it next time when they say that they are happy to see you.

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