Kit Organization: NARS Pro Palettes

I am definitely a sucker for organization. Ever since I was younger, I have loved organizing, filing, labeling, condensing, etc. So it should come as no surprise that my makeup kit is impeccable at all times. However, there is always room for improvement, and I love adding new things to my kit that help make my job a little bit easier.

I spent my enitre day off today holding a hair dryer over all of my eyeshadow singles and duos, as well as all of my blushes, then painstakingly used a razor, a cuticle pusher, and a safety pin to de-pot each one with the precision of a heart surgeon to ensure my products didn't break. I would say I was 95% successful, as one blush and one eyeshadow decided to coat my counter and floor in a blanket of beautifully colored powder.

But then, at long last, I had taken all of them out of their respective packaging and they were ready to be organized by product type and color. I was ecstatic! I have had some MUFE palettes before, but the largest one is only about half the size of the new NARS Pro Palettes, so my options had essentially just doubled.

The palettes are magnetized on the bottom so that your products in metal pans will not slide around or fall out of the palette while you are out on a job or transporting them from one place to another. They hold on tight, they save a ton of space in your kit, and are super sturdy. Not to mention, the fact that NARS sells select products online and in the boutiques without the signature NARS plastic casing (so that you don't have to go through the trouble of de-potting it) is a huge plus.

I had a makeover after I had completed my duo eyeshadow palette and my blush palettes, and I must say I am already in love with how much easier it is with these large palettes.

Aren't they so pretty!? There are eyeshadows I completely forgot I had because they have just been sitting in a pile with all of the other eyeshodows. I feel like a kid in a candy store! Thank you NARS!

For those of you that may be new to de-potting your products, especially NARS products since they come in a double casing, I will give you a few tips on how I manage to get mine out with minimal damage.

First, a few things you will need:

- Hair dryer

- Razor blade (preferably one-sided) or very thin-tipped cuticle pusher

- Safety pin

- 99% isopropyl alcohol

- Dish rag that you don't mind throwing away

As I mentioned, NARS products come in somewhat of a double casing. For this reason, it takes a little extra time to get the pans out. When they are being assembled, they basically have the outer shell (matte black with the NARS logo on it), and they put the plastic shelf on the inside by using industrial strength glue, then they put the metal pan with powder inside of that with the same ridiculously strong glue. The basic goal in de-potting your product is to heat up the glue holding the metal pan in the case so that you can pry it out.

First, you need to lay the product face down on a solid, heat-friendly surface. Then, turn your hair dryer on to max speed and max heat. Hold the end of the dryer about half an inch from the surface of the product. Yes, this is going to make the case very hot. Hold it there for about a full minute. Then, pick the product up with the rag (so that you don't burn your fingers), and open it. Put the razor onto one of the sides between the plastic inner casing and the metal pan and slowly start to pry the metal pan out. If it is giving too much resistance, stop, and restart the heating process. Otherwise, you can stress the pan and your powder will start to break and crumble. This process worked great for the eyeshadow duos and the blushes, as there was ample room to insert the razor into the side. However, with the eyeshadow singles, I found that there was significantly less room, so I have to pry the pan out by using a safety pin wiggled down into one of the four corners of the pan.

After you get the product out of the case, pour some of the alcohol onto the rag, and use this to get the glue off of the back of the metal pan. Pop the product into your new Pro Palette, and voila! You have a more organized kit!

Hope this helps!

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