Gucci Infinite Eye Collection: Test Run

So I have been very excited about Gucci releasing the Infinite Eye Collection (Infinite Length Mascara and Infinite Precision Liner), and I got to try them out. And let. me. just. tell. you. I am impressed. Let's start with the mascara.

The Gucci Infinite Length Mascara is touted as having a revolutionary formula that has elastic polymers that act like liquid latex (although the formula is latex-free for all those with a latex allergy) to extend PAST the end of the eyelash and enhance the appearance of lashes by 47%. I can confirm that these statements are true. The model I used has beauty and grace, but also tiny lashes. As in, they almost don't exist. After I applied the first coat and we looked at her lashes, many explitives were uttered in amazement and I quickly slapped on another coat, as I am a firm believer in the idea that, as long as there is no clumping, you can never have too many coats of mascara. This intensified not only her lashes, but our disbelief at the fact that this mascara was performing so well and that we somehow managed to live and think we were cute without it for so long. The brush is very small and very tightly wound, so you can get EXTREMELY close to the base of the lashes, and it coats every single lash. It also is PERFECT for bottom lashes. Every should have a tube of this mascara if only to make their bottom lashes look more amazing than they every actually will be.

Disclaimer: If you happen to have incredible, flawless, fan-like lashes that constantly get you questioned as to their authenticity, then I would not necessarily recommend this mascara, as it is providing you with something you don't need. But for those in the stubby-to-normal lash range, I would say this is an instant top-pick.

Now, the Gucci Infinite Precision Liner was equally as impressive. I used the Gucci Angled Brush #23 to apply this to her lash line, and it went on so smooth. The line was super defined, but didn't have any skipping, was pitch black, and dries to a nice finish that doesn't flake, but stays put as well. The model I used is a very big fan or dramatic, thick, winged liner, so I was more than happy to oblige her.

Disclaimer: We went out after I did this look on her, and there were no signs of creasing, smudging, or running. However, she did say that it moved around while she was sleeping. So this product is amazing if you are looking to wear it out for the night. If you are looking to get multiple days out of a look, I would opt for something else.

So without futher ado, here are some visual aids to attest to everything I have said here. This is my friend Dorothy, she's amazing, and she drove me here.

FYI: This amazing lip is NARS Audacious Lipstick in Liv, lined with MAC Lipliner in Nightmoth. The dinosaur blanket in the back is also the best blanket in the world and I have had it since I was four years old. I don't know where my mom got it, but I am pretty sure it has been discontinued, so you can't have one. Sorry.

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